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Along with Tamiya, Kyosho is one of the cornerstone names in RC history. They released the "DASH 1" in 1970, generally regarded as Japan's first ever RC car, the company going on to decades of racing success. They shouldn't require much of an introduction here, so here's a few lesser-known models.

Garden Off-Roaders

Kyosho made two versions of the 1/16 scale "Garden Off-Roader" chassis in the early '80s that I am aware of. One was a Toyota Hilux and one was the seemingly more common dune buggy-styled "Shuttle". The cute bathtub chassis is 2WD with a rear-mounted small (380 maybe?) motor running on five AA size cells, and sprung independent wishbone suspension. The driver figure makes up part of a white lid that covers the tub and electrics to complete the body of the Shuttle, the Hilux has an additional Lexan shell to go over that. The car is controlled by any standard 2ch radio gear and it comes with a wiper-style variable MSC.

Hilux version Garden Off-Roader NIB
Hilux version Garden Off-Roader NIB
source: challenger-RT @

Shuttle and Hilux
sources: Japanese blog & tomolupus @

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